General Info

Principal:  Chris Wyland

Counselor: Phoebe Secor

Student Services Coordinator: Becky Stoughton

Office Manager: Susan Cooper

Grade Levels:  K-5


1314 SW Kalama
Redmond, OR 97756

School Office Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 8:45 – 3:25

Wednesday 8:45 – 2:25

Phone | Email

Office: 541-923-4876
Fax: 541-923-4875

New Logo

Principal Chris Wyland
The MA Lynch staff is looking forward to serving your child and ensuring that their school experience is positive. We want to make school so exciting that your child runs through the school house doors. ‘Empower ALL’ is the school’s mission statement, which is focused on ensuring every student has a positive school experience and thrives at MA Lynch. Your partnership is critical to your child’s success. Please help your child get 9-10 hours of sleep each night, spend time asking them about their day at school, and maintain communication with your child’s teacher about your student’s well being and learning progress. Our staff is committed to connecting with your child and consistently supporting your child to learn at school. 
There is no better moment than when a child learns something new, or when a child demonstrates kindness to a peer. We aspire to celebrate these moments through ‘cub prides’ and the recognition of students who are exemplifying the monthly character trait. 
My wife and I are excited to have our three daughters attend Lynch Elementary. Please know we are excited to meet you and join the Lynch family! 
Chris Wyland 
MA Lynch, Principal

News & Information

Neighbor Impact Head Start and Early Head Start strengthen families and close the achievement gap for over 500 most vulnerable and at-risk pre-school age children, annually. Head Start and Early Head Start integrate high-quality early education with other critical services such as health services (medical visits; hearing, vision and dental checks); meals and nutrition; and family advocacy.

Head Start provides:

  • Quality pre-kindergarten education
  • Health and dental care
  • Family Support
  • Serving children 3-5 years

“NeighborImpact now has an Application Assister Specialist on staff that can assist community members with Oregon Health Plan applications or the renewal process. The application Assister Specialist can assist clients in system navigation of the health insurance system, including assistance with private insurance through Oregon’s Health Insurance marketplace. Call 541-323-6552 to schedule an appointment”. 

The mission of the Lynch Lion Pride is to create opportunities for ALL parents to connect with each other and invest in their child’s school with their time, talents and resources. We hope to build community between parents and teachers to better meet the needs of our school. As we roll through our first year we are looking to build awareness of our mission, recruit new parents to become involved, build the organizational structure, provide fun events like the beginning of the year Family BBQ, Pumpkin Carving Night, Winter Craft Night, Popcorn days fundraiser and fund teacher/grade requests. Please consider helping out our PTO.  Contact us at and like our Facebook page Lynch Lion Pride – M. A. Lynch elementary PTO.

According to the Internet Surname Database, Lynch is an Irish name which means, roughly, “the descendant of the mariner.”

M.A. Lynch was one of Redmond’s earliest merchants, opening the Lynch & Roberts department store there in 1910. He later served as Deschutes County’s sole member of the state House of Representatives, in 1933.

The school which bears his name opened in 1965.