Empower All: Learn, Grow, Succeed!

General Info

Principal:  Chris Wyland

Counselor: Phoebe Secor

Student Services Coordinator: Becky Stoughton

Office Manager: Susan Cooper

Grade Levels:  K-5


1314 SW Kalama
Redmond, OR 97756
School Office Hours

Monday- Friday 8:00 – 4:00

 School Hours

M,T,Th,F  8:55-3:25

Wed           8:55-2:25


Phone | Email

Office: 541-923-4876
Fax: 541-923-4875



New Logo

Principal Chris Wyland
The MA Lynch staff is looking forward to serving your child and ensuring that their school experience is positive. We want to make school so exciting that your child runs through the school house doors. ‘Empower ALL’ is the school’s mission statement, which is focused on ensuring every student has a positive school experience and thrives at MA Lynch. Your partnership is critical to your child’s success. Please help your child get 9-10 hours of sleep each night, spend time asking them about their day at school, and maintain communication with your child’s teacher about your student’s well being and learning progress. Our staff is committed to connecting with your child and consistently supporting your child to learn at school. 
There is no better moment than when a child learns something new, or when a child demonstrates kindness to a peer. We aspire to celebrate these moments through ‘cub prides’ and the recognition of students who are exemplifying the monthly character trait. 
My wife and I are excited to have our three daughters attend Lynch Elementary. Please know we are excited to meet you and join the Lynch family! 
Chris Wyland 
MA Lynch, Principal