Chess       “Chess for Success”  20-21 INFORMATION TO COME

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  • Chess should be fun;

  • Parental participation is important to their children’s success;

  • In academic improvement;

  • The skills learned in the Chess for Success program are transferable to life;

  • In benefiting from a diversity of experiences, perspectives and ideas; and

  • In creating an organizational structure that provides for the long-term sustainability necessary to achieve our vision.

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Chess for Success – Helping children succeed, one move at a time!


is a fantastic opportunity for our students to learn and have fun with Computer Science – a quickly growing field across the world.  Nationwide, we are experiencing a shortage of Computer Science graduates to fill the large number of today’s jobs that require a CS degree. Lego Robotics is designed to encourage more students to become interested in computer science in an engaging and hands-on manner.