Food Hero Logo   Kaitlin Greene is a Nutrition Education Program Assistant from the OSU Extension Service. She joins classes at Lynch to help students and families make the healthy choice the easy choice. Whether it’s reaching for a fruit or veggie at snack time or making sure to get 60 minutes of physical activity in each day, Ms. Kaitlin is here to help Lynch Cubs be Food Heroes too!

This Fall Miss Kaitlin has been joining 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classrooms for some physical activity and mini-nutrition lessons! Ask your student about what little changes they can make to improve their health. Can your family plan on including something new in your routine?

Here are a few ideas students have been working on:

  • Bringing a healthy snack to school.
  • Playing an active game at recess or after school.
  • Reading the nutrition facts label when choosing foods.

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