School Supply Lists 2018-2019

M.A. Lynch Elementary School

**We would appreciate if you could contribute the following supplies to be used in your student’s classroom. Any additional supplies you are able to provide will help a student and family who are unable to contribute.

1st Grade

(24) Dixon Ticonderoga pencils

(6) glue sticks

(2) 2 pocket folders

(2) 24 packs crayola crayons

(4) black expo low odor dry erase markers

(1)box ziploc bags (gallon or snack size)

(2) boxes of tissues

(3) pink erasers


$20  supply donation

2nd Grade

(48) #2 sharpened pencils

(2) boxes of crayons (24 count or more)

(4) glue sticks

(4) large pink erasers

(1) pair pointed scissors (Fiskar)

(4) solid colored Oxford paper pocket folders

(2) black and white composition books

(1)set watercolor paints (Crayola)

(2) large boxes facial tissue

(1) box Ziploc baggies (A-K quart, L-Z gallon)

(1) supply box 8 ⅜” L x 5 ⅝” W x 2 ⅛” H)

(1)package Crayola classic markers

(1) bottle Elmer’s glue

(8) black EXPO markers

3rd Grade

(48) #2 Ticonderoga pencils

(1)pack colored pencils

(2) pack dry erase markers

(1) pack of colored markers

(1) box of crayons

(12) Elmer’s glue sticks

(3) folders w/ pockets and 3 hole fasteners

(1)pair scissors

(2) spiral notebooks

(1)composition book

(1) pencil box or pouch

Additional appreciated items:

(1)pack of post it notes

(1) container of Purell Wipes

(1) box facial tissues

(1) bottle pump hand sanitizer

Boys – 1 box of sandwich size Ziploc bags

Girls – 1 box of gallon size ziplock bags

4th Grade

(20) #2 pencils

(1) pencil box or pouch

(1) package of pink erasers

(4)  glue sticks

(1)pointed scissors

(1)box of colored pencils

(1) box of crayons

(1) pkg. notebook paper

(1) composition notebook

(3) spiral or composition notebooks

(4) pocket folders (any style for class-work)

(4-8) dry erase markers and an eraser

(1-2) boxes of tissues

Optional but encouraged – needed for our classrooms!

Purell wipes

Post-It notes


Pencils, notebook paper, dry erase markers

5th Grade

(1) Ziploc bags (gallon size)

(1) 3” 3-ring binder with pockets (hard cover)

(5) dividers

(1) box Expo markers

(2) boxes of facial tissue

(2) post-it packs

(40) #2 pencils

(1) pencil pouch with holes to go in binder

(1) hand sanitizer

(2) Purell wipes

(1) 12 pack of colored pencils

(4) highlighters

(2) black permanent markers

(1) black spiral notebook

(1) red spiral notebook

(1) 2 pocket folder

(4) glue sticks

**If you would prefer to contribute a monetary donation toward supplies, the cost of supplies calculates out to $20.00 for each student.   If you are unable to contribute, your child will not go without supplies. If you are able to help with a larger amount, that would be greatly appreciated and would be used to support a student whose family are not able to contribute.