Spotlights for Parents

Lynch’s Learning Spotlights

The following spotlights guide our teaching objectives to help every student achieve their best. We’d like to share this with you because it is important to us. Our goal as a team of parents, teachers and students is to create successful adults. These spotlights guide us all in the same direction.

  • Identifying each individual child’s need for reaching the standards.
    • For example: We continually monitor student progress and communicate that with parents.
  • Teachers use a variety of strategies to reach all students where they are.
    • For example: We structure lessons using all 5 senses.
  • Teachers are committed to furthering their education too through trainings.
    • For example: We dedicate time weekly to collaborate.
  • Teacher’s create a safe and inviting place to learn.
    • For example: Every classroom has a calming corner and use sensory tools to help students regulate their own emotions.
  • We invite families to be part of the team.
    • For example: We have parents on our leadership team.