Student Handbook




Classes begin at 8:55 AM and dismissal is 3:30 PM for grades 1st-5th.  Morning Kindergarten classes begin at 8:55 AM and dismiss at 11:40 AM.  Afternoon Kindergarten classes begin at 12:50 PM and dismiss at 3:30 PM.



Students should not arrive at school before 8:30 AM. Breakfast is served at 8:40 AM.




We want to maintain a safe environment for your childParents and all other visitors must check in at the office.  Parents and visitors need to get a visitors pass before entering the hallway.



We discourage doctor appointments for students during school hours.  If it is necessary to take your children from school, we need to have you sign them out when they leave and sign them back in when they return. Your child must be picked up and signed out at the office.


The end of the day is an important time of day for students to receive last minute instructions.  We ask that you not check your child out early.


If your child is to go home with a friend on the bus, he/she will need a bus pass from the office.  In order to receive a pass, a parent or guardian must send a note before school begins that day.  After school arrangements other than the normal routine requires a note from the parent explaining the change.  If a note is not received, the child will be sent home via their normal route.


Parents calling with last minute telephone special arrangements will not be announced on the intercom at the end of the day, due to the interruption to the classroom teacher.  Special arrangements MUST be made prior to 11:00 AM.


Parents are reminded to wait outside the school building when students are released at the end of the day.




Students may not leave the school grounds after arrival unless:

  1. A note has been received by the administration and a parent/guardian picks the student up.
  2. A note is received by the administration and/or the parent/guardian phones to request that a student be allowed to leave the building without their presence.
  3. A parent/guardian arrives at school and requests that a student be released and has been properly signed out in the office.


Students are released only to a parent or guardian.  The school office must receive a note from the parent/guardian in order to release a child to a family member/friend whose name does not appear on the emergency card.  If you leave school for any reason you must sign out in the office.



Students who are walking or riding bicycles should always give the right-of-way to motor vehicles.  You need to be especially careful to look both ways for motor vehicles when crossing the street.



Bicycles must be parked in the rack during the school day.  Bike and scooter owners should provide individual locks to safeguard their property.  Lynch Elementary assumes no responsibility for loss.  All students who ride a bike to school are required to wear a helmet.  Skateboards, roller blades and scooters are not to be ridden on the school grounds.  When on school grounds, students are to walk their bicycles to the bike rack.  Bicycles shall remain in the bike rack during school hours.


Healy’s are not allowed on school grounds.



Your child is expected to follow the Redmond School District Transportation rules.  If your child has difficulty following the rules, bus-riding privileges may be lost.  The driver will normally deal with infractions.


Kindergarten students must have an adult at the bus stop when their child returns after school.  Students who want to go home on a bus other than their regular bus must bring a note from home to give to the school office.



Before School :  Parents using the driveway in front of the school to drop students off, must stay to the right and advance with the flow of traffic (do not pass).  Students should get out of the car on the curbside, and walk straight into the building.  Students can also be dropped off on Kalama Street.

Bus Only Area:  Only buses are to enter and park in the driveway after school.  Buses will be coming from 15th street, turning east on Kalama and entering the main driveway from the north.


Student Loading/Unloading Area:  Students being transported in private vehicles are to load on Kalama or on the alley near our playground.  Students are to exit the building using the NORTH and WEST doors.  Parents who have parked in the parking lot are encouraged to meet their child at the flagpole with the exception of Kindergarten. Vehicles entering the main drive way will be asked to use the first left turn into the parking lot and avoid the front of the building.  This helps avoid the conflict with the buses.



Redmond School District 2-J is on a six-week grading period.  At the conclusion of the second, and the fourth grading period, report cards are given to the students to take home.  At the end of the school year, the final report card is sent home with students. If parents have any questions or concerns about the student’s grades at any time during the school year, please contact the teacher to arrange a conference.


Students will be assembling a collection of their work in preparation for the Certificate of Initial Mastery (CIM).  Their showcase portfolio will be kept in their classroom and will contain evidence of student growth.



In addition to the regularly scheduled Parent Conference Days in December and April, the teachers or administrator are available for conferences upon request.  If the need arises call the school at 923-4876 to schedule an appointment.



Teachers will inform students how to check out books to take home.  Students who neglect to return materials will be responsible for fines and/or replacement costs, and may be denied future library privileges.  Students are limited to the amount of books they can check out at a time.



The goal of the counseling program at Lynch Elementary is to do what is best for children and to assist them in being successful at school.  The counselor also works with parents, school staff and the principal to meet these goals.


What exactly does the counselor do?

  1. The counselor teaches lessons that support the Personal Safety curriculum in every classroom K-5.
  2. The counselor meets with students individually or in small group sessions as needed.  Parent permission is required for participation.
  3. Students may schedule “Friendship Lunch Club” with the Counselor.”
  4. The counselor responds to requests for information, conferencing or counseling from parents, principal, staff and students.
  5. The counselor facilitates a Parental Support Group to help promote “positive child behaviors”.




School breakfast is free. Lunches cost $2.50, and milk $0.50.  Free or reduced price meals are available to those who qualify.   Applications are available in the school office.


Glass bottles are not permitted at school.


Lunch money will be accepted before school in the cafeteria and will be deposited into your child’s account (computer system).  Prices of meals taken will be withdrawn from that child’s account.  Nutrition Services will notify the children when their accounts become low in funds. 


Students are expected to walk quietly to and from the cafeteria or classroom as directed by their teacher.  They are expected to enter the cafeteria quietly, be respectful of personnel and engage in appropriate table conversation.  Students will use good manners and remain seated until they have been dismissed.

Breakfast is served each morning in the cafeteria.  Students who want breakfast need to go directly to the cafeteria when they arrive at school.  Breakfast is served between 8:40-8:55 AM.




Redmond School District 2-J has two school Nurses to serve all nine buildings.  The nurse is at our building one day each week.  To see the nurse, leave a message in the office and you will be called when she can meet with you.


Students needing occasional medications, such as penicillin, etc., for colds, earaches, and sore throats are to be taken at home if possible.  Medication that is prescribed three (3) times a day can be given before the student comes to school, after school and again at bedtime.  However, if medication MUST be given at school, District policy states that we may dispense medication from its original container at school.  Parents must bring the medication to the school office and complete a medical authorization form.  This applies to prescription and over-the-counter medications. All medication must be kept in the office.


If your child receives a minor injury at school, we will care for him/her at school.  If the injury is more serious, we will notify parents or guardians.  It is very important that we have up-to-date information on your child’s emergency card.  If we cannot reach parents, we will call the other numbers you list in case of emergency.  If we can’t reach anyone, an ambulance will be called if necessary.



Students must follow a rigorous daily routine while at school, so if your child has any of the following symptoms, they should stay home from school:  fever, vomiting, diarrhea, eye infections, swollen glands, severe headache, persistent cough, earache, rashes, communicable diseases (head lice, flu, etc.)  Please provide a written note explaining the absence once the child returns to school.  If your child is absent more than one day, you can request homework from the classroom teacher.





M.A. Lynch Elementary has a staff-parent committee that meets monthly to provide direction in the areas of student activities, curriculum, staff development and budget expenditures.  Check the Home Bulletin for dates and times.


P.T.O. (Parent, Teacher Organization)

P.T.O. is an opportunity for parents and teachers to meet once a month.  At these meetings, decisions are made concerning the following:

*  Fundraisers

*  Assemblies

*  Family Nights,

*  Curriculum Issues


We, the PTO have a key role at Lynch school and in our children’s future.  It is the PTO (parents attending meetings) who decide where monies raised are spent.  In the past, goals were set to earn money for projects like playground equipment, computers, software upgrades, gym floors, playground equipment, assemblies and school banners.


Guest speakers are also invited to attend PTO meetings.  In the past, the Superintendent and various members of the community have been invited to discuss issues important to parents.  We would like to get more ideas from parents concerning what topics are meaningful to you.


Please join us at these meetings and see how you can make a difference.


Lynch Elementary requires that all volunteers attend the “Volunteer Orientation” on Wednesday, September 14 at 4:30 PM. It is important that new volunteers attend the orientation before they work in the classroom.  The District also requires that all volunteers complete a Volunteer Application form and a Screening Authorization form.






In accordance with OAR 581-22-317, Redmond School District offers alternative education to students enrolled in the district who may benefit educationally in an alternative program.  The district shall grant credit for work satisfactorily completed in an alternative education program as defined in ORS 339.605 and 339.615, and as set forth in school board policy.


In accordance with OAR 581-22-415, Redmond School District may excuse students from a state required program or learning activity when necessary, to accommodate students’ handicaps or religious beliefs.



One fundamental purpose for insisting on punctual, regular school attendance is to help each student develop a sense of responsibility. Irregular attendance and tardiness are primary factors associated with student failure and frustration.   If your child is absent from school for any reason, please call the school office.  After 2 days’ absence you may call the office to request any missed school work.  Homework can be picked up in the office after school between 3:30 PM and 4:00 PM.  Students who are absent 10 consecutive days without notifying the office will be dropped from the enrollment.



When a student arrives late to school, the student must sign in at the school office.



The following behaviors are not permitted in the school building, on the school grounds, or at school-sponsored activities:

* Disruption of school

* Damage or Destruction of School or Public/Private Property.

                * Theft

* Assault and/or Threats of Assault

* Possession of Weapons or Replicas of Weapons

* Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs or Other Intoxicants

* Serious Defiance

* Endangerment of Others

* Personal Harassment of Others

* Criminal Conduct

* Use of abusive language or gestures


Lynch Elementary has taken a pro-active approach to providing a safe environment for children.  We have implemented a program to teach and reinforce pro-social skills.  It is referred to as Effective Behavior

Support (EBS).


EBS is designed to provide structure in the following areas; school-wide, classrooms and individual students.

1.       School Wide –students participate in social skill activities and a curriculum known as Second Step Violence Prevention.

2.       Classrooms – Students receive instruction in social skills.

3.       Individual Students Support – specific programs and interventions are in place to address the individual needs of identified students.

In an effort to address and prevent future behavioral concerns, a school-wide communication system is in place.  A “Cub Connection” is given to a student who has demonstrated a behavior that is unacceptable in the school environment.  A “Cub Connection” is also used when students demonstrates positive behavior.  An Administrative Referral may be written when behaviors warrant.  This referral requires parents and studentto attend a meeting that determines a behavioral goal and develops an action plan for behavioral change.  This is a communication tool, not a consequence.  Lynch School is committed to the philosophy that every child has the right to learn in an environment that is safe.  With your support, we believe we can make this happen.


The School Board is committed to promoting healthy relationships and a safe learning environment.  To this end, student threats of harm to self or others; threatening behavior or acts of violence which include bullying, verbal or physical harassment and threats to damage school property shall not be tolerated on district property or at activities under the jurisdiction of the district.


Each classroom teacher will practice the following drills, both in-building and at recess:  Fire, Earthquake and Intruder.  Emergency drills are a State requirement and are designed to keep students safe in an emergency situation.



In accordance with OAR 581-021-0251, records must list the student’s “full legal name”.  All student records shall be confidential, and shall be open for inspection only in accordance by law, and under rules and regulations as adopted by the District School Board.  Personnel having access to student records shall not violate the confidentiality of those records.



This is notification that Directory Information about your student may be released. This information is not generally considered harmful or an invasion of privacy.  The following categories are designated as Directory Information: student’s name; date and place of birth; participation in officially recognized sports and activities; weight and height of athletic team members; dates of attendance; degrees and awards received; most recent previous school or program attended.  This information may be released without written parental approval.  Directory information does not include: student’s address; telephone number or photograph (Board Policy JOA).


Parents may refuse to have directory information released by writing a request letter to the school principal.



From time to time, the media may wish to cover events at our school.  School Districtpolicy states that any media contact with students except for events and activities attended by the general public must be prearranged with the school principal.  The media may interview and photograph students involved in instructional programs and extra curricular school activities. Information obtained by media representatives directly from students does not require parental approval prior to publication.  Parents who do not want their students interviewed or photographed may direct their student accordingly and may submit a written request to the principal.



This is notification that Redmond School District 2-J, upon legitimate request, will transfer to the educational institution, or educational agency, records identified as student Education Records.  Prior to the withdrawal of a student from the school district, parents/guardians have the right to inspect their child’s records and challenge information contained in the record which they believe is inaccurate, misleading or in violation of the privacy or other rights of the student.


Requests to review a student’s records and/or the District records policy is to be made by the parent/guardian to the student’s building principal.  If requested, translators will be made available for non-English speaking parents.



The Student Rights and Responsibilities booklet is the annual notification to parents/guardians of students in the Redmond School District 2-J of their rights in regard to student education records.

Parents/guardians have the right to:

a)      Inspect and review their student’s education record.

b)       Request the amendment of the student’s education record to ensure they are not inaccurate, misleading, or othe, rwise in violation of the student’s privacy or other rights.

c)      Consent to disclose of personal, identifiable information contained in the education records of the student.

d)       File a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education concerning alleged failures by the District to comply with the requirements of the Family Rights and Privacy Act.

e)       Obtain a copy of the District’s adopted Records Policy at the School District Office.

f)        Receive translation assistance if requested.



Redmond School District 2-J has established Board Policy #GBCBA, GBEC Drug Free Workplace and Drug Free Schools.  The Board believes in the total development of students and employees.  Abuse, possession, use, sale or furnishing of alcohol and illegal drugs or other controlled substances at the workplace or in the schools is disruptive and poses a threat to the education process.  As a mandatory condition of employment in Redmond School District 2-J, employees agree to abide by the terms of this policy and to notify the Superintendent of any criminal drug statute conviction for a violation occurring in the workplace no later than five (5) days after such conviction.




In compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972, no students at M.A. Lynch Elementary, on the basis of sex may be excluded from participation in or be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity.  Any individual alleging noncompliance on the part of any program or activity may submit the grievance in writing to the building principal.




We strongly recommend that pets remain at home and students who want to share their pets with their classmates bring in pictures, video etc.  Redmond School District2-J has adopted the following policy restricting pets in the classroom:

  • Dogs and cats will only be allowed in school if they are contained in a carrier
  • Teacher must notify the building principal prior to an animal visiting school
  • Owner must show record of vaccinations to the classroom teacher
  • Parent must be present to take the animal home immediately following show and tell.
  • The animal may not be taken out of the container.
  • Students may not pet the animal.



Area radio stations and the local TV station will generally announce by 6:00 AM if there are any Redmond School District school cancellations or delays.  If no announcement is made regarding a school cancellation or delay, schools are open!  If a delayed start is announced, classes will begin at 11:15 AM, and morning kindergarten classes will be canceled.





In accordance with OAR 581-021-0251 students must be enrolled using their “full legal name”.  A preferred name can also be listed to accommodate families.  Students currently enrolled will receive a Registration Verification form at the beginning of the new school year to update the school with new information.  Current phone numbers, including cell phones, address, place of employment and emergency contacts must be up-dated each year.  Notify the school as soon as possible as this information changes throughout the school year.



Before School:  Parents are to use the alleyway on the westside of the building by the playground.  Students should get out of the car and walk straight into the playground area.  Students can also be dropped of on Kalama Street.  All walkers must enter the playground area on the westside of the building.

Bus Only Area:  Only busses are to enter and park in the front driveway after school. Busses will be coming from 15th street, turn and go east on Kalama and enter the main driveway from the north


Student Loading/Unloading Area:  Students being transported in private vehicles are to load on Kalama or alley near our playground.  Students are to exit the building using the NORTH and WEST doors.  Kindergarten parents who have parked in the parking lot must meet their child at the flagpole.  Vehicles entering the main drive way will be asked to use the first left turn into the parking lot and avoid the front of the building. This helps avoid the conflict with the buses.



Texts are checked out to students by their teachers and are expected to be returned in GOOD condition.  Students will be responsible for paying for DAMAGED or LOST books. Students are to notify the teacher immediately if the book issued to them is in a damaged condition.



The office phone will be used for emergencies only.  Students who need to use the phone are required to obtain a note from their teacher.  Parents calling with last minute telephone special arrangements will not be announced on the intercom at the end of the day, due to disruption to the classroom.  Special arrangements MUST be made prior to 11:00 AM.


Students are expected to dress in appropriate school attire.  We do not allow half shirts, midriffs, tank tops, spaghetti straps or shorts that are more than four inches above the knee.  Clothing that refers to alcohol, drug or tobacco use, or has suggestive or inappropriate sayings are not allowed.  Students are to wear their shoes at all timeswhile in school.  Students are discouraged from wearing flip-flop sandals due to safety issues.  Temporary hair color and face paints are discouraged and will be prohibited if they disrupt the learning environment.  All of these expectations are directed to keep education our primary focus.   In the cooler months of school, students are expected to dress appropriately for the weather.



Label your students clothing.  The lost and found is located in the lobby.  We encourage students and parents to look for missing items.  We do send unclaimed items to Goodwill. Announcements will be made to parents via the Home Bulletin when items will be sent to Goodwill.



Please do not allow your child to bring toys to school.  Trading cards and related items are also considered toys.  Children come to school to learn and toys tend to distract from the learning process.  Toys often are lost or broken when brought to school.


Field trips are offered at every grade level.  Lynch school has expectations necessary to maintain a high level of safety and learning.

1.       Students who have not turned in assignments leading up to a field trip do not have the same privilege as students who are current with their assignments.

2.       Students are expected to maintain proper behavior while on a field trip.  Students who have not exhibited good judgment regarding their behavior at school may be excluded from a field trip.


Due to space on the bus, space at the destination, eating accommodations, and various other factors, not all parents can attend field trips with their child.  The following are guidelines for Lynch Elementary School chaperones:

1.       The teacher will determine the number of chaperones needed.

2.       Chaperones must have a criminal background check.  This must be completed a month before volunteering.

3.       Upon the discretion of the teacher, chaperones will ride on the bus or follow in an accompanying car.

4.       Students must ride the bus, and not with the parent.

5.       If a student is not to ride the bus, a written note will be on file in the school office.  This includes students to be picked up while on the field trip.

6.       Adults who are not considered chaperones will not be permitted to attend field trips.

7.       Siblings of students are not permitted on field trips.



The individual teacher schedules classroom parties throughout the school year, and will send notification home with your child.  District Policy states that only store bought foods can be used in the classroom.  Examples of food that might be served are: packaged cookies, bakery items kept in the original package, ice cream novelties in sealed packages and Individually-wrapped candies.